Sunday, April 17, 2011

About Me....

Many moons ago I was an avid quilter, gardener and housekeeper. Then like many people that I have read about on the blogging world, I too had major health issues for several years. I'd like to say I am back. But its been so long I don't know what I am back from.

I have a room full of fabric, 2 sewing machines, a serger and a longarm machine. I have a beautiful home, yard and husband that I thank the Lord for everyday. When I started this blog I decided it wasn't going to be one of those whiny blogs that I poured my feelings out to my silent audience (2 followers).

So this is going to be about things that inspire me, things that I am working on and completed. Also other passions in my life than quilting. Along with time, when you go through life changing events your passions change as well. I am not so crazy about yard work, and I work on my housework when I want to.

My husband and I both volunteer with the local Fire/EMS department. I teach CPR/AED and First Aid weekly. I am staff/volunteer with the American Red Cross. I've gone on National deployments to Georgia '09 and Tennessee '10. In my heart I have a very strong need to help others in any way I can.

Thank you for coming by my humble blog. Sign in and follow along me in my journey. There are so many of you that are an inspiration in what you do. My first shout out is to cousin Ann!

Brenda Dahmen


  1. Wooo Hooo!!!! I am so glad that you have started a blog. I was wondering if you were the Brenda that signed up for the H2H Quilt Challenge over at Sarah's site Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Then today I went to Sarah's site saw our names down the right side and clicked on Brenda & here I am. Awesome!!!!
    So where is your swap partner from? I just pulled my fabric today to send out.

  2. Welcome to blogland. It is nice to see a fellow Washington quilter on the web. I am a fellow H2H volunteer, as well.

  3. LOL! You sound a lot like me. I used to love working in the garden and had many probably 50 different iris that I babied (at our old house). Now, just yesterday, I told my DH that I think we should cement in the whole backyard.
    Volunteer work is the best! I don't go out into the coummnity to participate like you but do contribute crochet afghans on a regular basis to Project Linus.
    I look forward to reading about all aspects of your life - even the whiny ones. (We all need a place to vent sometimes) :)

  4. Welcome to blogy land Brenda. I saw you on the list at the H2H quilt challenge. We are "neighbors" as I am from Idaho and have already "met" the RenegadeQuilter. Thanks for following me on my blog. I look forward to the challenge and meeting other quilters.